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Sept 6:

CARD responds to Nassau County's teaming up with Riverstone against Citizens

Amelia Tree Conservancy joins the fight as Plaintiff in the suit against the county

Read the Press Release here

June 23:

In response to Nassau County's actions to side with Riverstone, CARD issued a press release, "Nassau County Wants to Team with Riverstone Against Citizen Groups"

You can read it here

Nassau County Wants to Team with Riverstone

Against Citizen Groups

June 19:

In response to our complaint filed on May 24, Nassau County filed "Motion to Dismiss Amended Complaint and Motion for Attorneys' Fees" through its recently retained outside counsel, Bartlett, Loeb, Hines & Thompson of Tampa, FL.

We are preparing our response

May 31:

Judge Eric Roberson, Circuit Court Judge of Nassau County, approved the Joint request from Riverstone and Nassau County for an additional stay of 90 days. This was requested because of the CARD filing against the settlement agreement so that the parties could assess "what impact, if any, the CARD Action will have upon the Parties' settlement agreement."

May 24:   The Citizens Against Runaway Development (“CARD”) filed suit against Nassau County yesterday in the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court. The suit seeks to prevent a settlement agreement between Nassau County and Riverstone Properties, LLC, from becoming effective. Read the complaint here

On May 3, The Editorial Board of the Fernandina Beach News-Leader slammed the BOCC for voting in favor of the settlement - see below

On April 24, 2023, Nassau County BOCC voted to approve a lopsided settlement with Riverstone Development, releasing Riverstone to immediately develop the property with building heights of up to 85 ft

This agreement reverses the decision made by the BOCC in
May 2022

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